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We’re looking for a Technology Lead who wants to be part of shaping how technology should be built to strengthen people's rights, bring transparency and accountability.

As a consequence of working in this emerging field this person will be defining new practices and techniques, and setting new standards. The work will directly contribute to IF’s mission of showing how companies can use data in ethical ways. This person will bring in best practices from outside of IF to ensure we are industry-leading in our technical approach.

We’re looking for someone with a breadth of experience; not only understanding all parts of a system, but also capable of dropping into a completely new system, picking up how it is architected and designed to help to identify privacy focussed technical infrastructure patterns. This will require someone who, alongside areas of expertise, has good general knowledge of technology.

We are looking for someone with is energised by working in an R&D-style environment, with experience of rapid prototyping as well as building digital services.

Not only will this person ensure high quality technical output across both consultancy projects and software development, but they will also be interested in continuing to learn and persuading others to continue to learn too.

You are someone who:

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About IF

We’re working towards a better, more ethical information society. We’ve defined and led this emerging space since 2016.

IF has unrivalled expertise in showing organisations how to collect, store and treat data so they are both ethically sound and commercially successful.

Based in Somerset House in London, our multidisciplinary and internationally respected team includes technologists, infosec researchers, designers and strategists.

We care about the web and we approach all of our work though making. We maintain a catalogue of data patterns and work in the open as much as possible.

We are an equal opportunity and Living Wage Foundation employer. We believe that inclusive and diverse teams make better decisions, deliver the best work and are more fulfilling to be a part of. That’s why we welcome and purposely seek out applications from people of all backgrounds and ages.


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